You can listen to Reba and watch her video here. It’s one of those things that can only be created in a very few occasions of a long life, moments when we think of others and we are not thinking of ourselves. Enjoy the video by clicking here
If I Had Only Known (Mark)Now if you’re a tough guy, and you get a little misty eyed, you can use the following excuses. Landscapers, you’re simply evapotranspirating, Mortgage people, if you get misty eyed, you can say you just had a midday price increase and you lost 50 bps., 
Erin doesn’t want a sad memorial to Mark. She wants to hear the laughter that surrounded Mark’s life…, but I have one sad thing to say, then we’ll move on. After all, talking about human emotion and Mark’s inspiriation, while emotional, isn’t necessarily sad, it’s just the passionate part of life, the most important part of life.
This song came to mind when I heard of the accident. If we are to find some meaning in the passing of Mark, then maybe if just one of your relationships heal because of this day, then Mark’s death will mean something and this will improve the quality of your life, so think about your present family and friends that are still alive, Mother, Father, Sons, Daughters, friends.
Reba McEntire was riding at the top of success. Personally, however, her world would come crashing down. A plane carrying seven of McEntire’s band members and her road manager crashed, killing all on board. McEntire was devastated. There was a minor controversy over her decision to perform on the Academy Awards a week after the crash. But she appeared on the show to dedicate a song to her fallen band members. During the performance, McEntire was visibly emotional, holding back tears. 
This hit, “If I Had Only Known” is a song written to her band. 

If I Had Only Known
Reba McIntyre