Babbitt Knights?

The sign at the end of highway 21 up in Babbitt said “1976 Minnesota State Baseball Champions”. The last time I saw the sign, it was so faded that if you didn’t know what it said, you couldn’t read it.

The sign was faded but the spirit that the town created isn’t faded at all.

It’s been kind of funny. Over the years, we’d be out at Ridgedale, or at a restaurant about 15 miles from my alma mater and 250 miles from Teri’s and we would see Babbitt people whenever we were out, but never saw people from Mound. It kind of defies the laws of physics. There is a bond there that I think is very special. I don’t think it had much to do with the gravel pits, the Legion or good old JFK, but who knows?

In the past week, Babbitt, a town “At the End of the World” as the residents often told me, took center stage this past week.

Teri had visits from Julie Fairchild (Kaslucher) last Friday, then had Jim and Mary Nelson on Wednesday. Joanne Johnson (Hanson) and Mary Emanuelson (Emanuelson – Ha ha) took her up to Pine city on Thursday for a couple of days. I guess they posted something on this site, but I’ve chosen not to read it because I’m afraid of what they posted. That 3 day road trip was SO special to Teri, I can’t tell you. On Saturday, with things absolutely crazy around here, Carol Skube, also a friend from Babbitt wanted to come out. “Come out today? I asked”. Teri said yes. So Carol came out and spent a lot of time with Teri Saturday night and brought over 2 bags of goodies from Trader Joe’s. Teri had a great time.

Carol said she wanted to come out again today, so she brought another old friend Deb Berg. They visited for a few hours today.

The old saying is

Make new friends, but keep the old;
Those are silver, these are gold.

There is something about high school friendships that even a lifetime spouse can’t provide. I can’t light up Teri’s eyes like a discussion about classmates, “a long time ago, in a land far, far away.” There will always be a spot for my lifelong bestfriend, Mike E, and there will always be a place for Teri’s lifelong friends, one in which I want to encourage. It’s based in non-judgmental love. It’s amazing.

I’m a recluse anyway, and I would rather the friends stay together and say whatever they’re comfortable talking about, so Gerrit and I stayed downstairs, doing laundry, homework and other things, but I heard a lot of laughter upstairs. I know they were looking through old pictures. Whatever happens in the future, I think the last 4 days were some of Teri’s best. Thanks to all, the last week was truly special!

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