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Disney came out with the Lion King when Kirsten was just 5 years old. One of the highlights of the movie was the idea of the “Circle of Life”
With my satirical mind, I thought of it more like the Circle of Death. There’s a scene in there where all the animals are all walking and singing together. Maybe I watched too much Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom, but I imagined Simba reaching over and grabbing a gazelle by the neck, sitting down and having a quick meal. I’m sure Disney didn’t like this idea because 114 kids running out of the theater screaming and mothers on their cell phones calling their psychoanalysts might be bad for business.
That’s what happens in the animal kingdom, little fish eaten by bigger fish until that Dolphin safe Tuna ends up in your tuna salad.
Today’s day of Kirsten and Jon’s wedding reception is really the Circle of Life. The human condition is unique in the animal kingdom. Well, except for Penguins. Penguins, are you kidding me? The penguin lays the egg at the south pole, then the mate sits on it for 6 weeks while the other one goes off to the spa? I couldn’t do anything likie that. If my mate left me with a baby in a cabin in Embarrass.MN in January, I might make it 4 days with a case of beer and an Atari pong game. After that, I’m hiking for a rescue party.
Ok, so besides penguins, here’s the real circle of life, and this circle of life requires NO death! Yay!!
Here it is, and it wasn’t my idea:

First we are our parents children

Then we are our childrens parents
Then we are our parents parents
Then we are our childrens, children.

Teri’s emergency room trip was on May 21st, the day the world was supposed to end, in in some way did, the day of the North Minneapolis tornado.
Since that day, all 4 stages of this human circle of life have been compressed and expressed by every loved one that knew anybody in our family, we see this continuing in both Jon’s and Kirstens families and it’s pretty wonderful.

So today, we celebrate Kirsten and Jon, who will take Teri and my place having already become productive members of our society. I wish they would do this my way, well maybe not, but I know they will find their own way, and be more successful than we were.

Congratulations kids, the world awaits!

Love mom and dad

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