From Mark’s Mother-in-law, Erin’s Mom, Vaughn’s Gran ….

I’d think about Mark every day even if I didn’t look at my beautiful kitchen floor, which he installed for Jim and me last fall. He did this without thought of payment (well, maybe a little lunch) just because he believed that you give your time and talent to family. It wasn’t an easy job but he never complained – at least to my face! Because I do see my floor, Marks’s face automatically appears in my mind and I talk to him about how much we miss him. I thank him for the love he gave Erin, and for being a funny, roughhouse, rambunctious dad to Vaughn. He put up with our goofy Christmas traditions and once I heard him laugh in spite of himself. Then, he began to participate by helping Erin make her Nah-Nah’s famous Swedish meatballs for Christmas Eve. He swept into our family easily and we will always love and remember him. As my eyes well up with tears writing this, it is testimony of the effect his brief stay has had on our lives. Thank you Mark for living long enough for us to love you and feel that love right back.


Steve Hoogenakker

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