Important people in our lives

Having someone with a serious medical condition is kind of like sitting at your kitchen table building a house with a deck of cards. You go along, carefully placing all the cards to build the walls and roof, and then an unexpected breeze comes along and knocks it down.

Yesterday’s news was like that. We had carefully started to organize our lives with the thought that Teri was going to be ok. This took a lot of time and faith. The news yesterday was like a gust of wind that knocked most of the house down. Now, we will start the task of slowly putting the house back up again. Re-ordering our lives. We know the wind will knock our house down again, we can only hope that they are light breezes, so we can rebound each time.

I don’t know how Teri does it every day. How she keeps a positive attitude, keeps juggling 18 balls in the air at all times. The doctor said she’s incredibly tough to be walking around on legs that are about to break. I know she’s one in a million.

Is she any more brave than the other people we know struggling with ALS, MS, Alzheimers, Cystic Fibrosis? Probably not. They seem to be brave and incredible too.

I guess it’s one thing to talk in an offhand way about how someone reacts to being dealt an unfair hand, and quite another to witness the bravery, hope and determination in person. I don’t think I have the strength that Teri and these others show every day, but it seems like a good idea to talk about the good things today instead of waiting until it’s too late.

Well, I have to go now, All the kids are here and we have to get our cards ready to put up another house.

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