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Please leave your comment below Disney came out with the Lion King when Kirsten was just 5 years old. One of the highlights of the movie was the idea of the “Circle of Life” With my satirical mind, I thought of it more like the Circle of Death. There’s a scene in there where all [...]

Don’t even care if anyone will ever see this, but I have to write this somewhere. I REALLY miss my girl as Christmas gets closer. I keep all of my posts professional, but can’t right now. There’s nobody to put up all the Christmas decorations, nobody to spend 10 hours putting up stuff that nobody [...]

Saturday, November 5, 2011 9:08 AM, CDT written by Steve Hoogenakker Going to Kirsten’s wedding today “We’re going to the chapel and we’re…Going to get Married.” Well, not us, but if you are over 40 yrs old, I’ve stuck that song in your head for awhile! Yes, Kirstens wedding is today. It was moved up [...]