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“OLD AGE AND TREACHERY WILL OVERCOME YOUTH AND SKILL!”, REALLY? By Steve Hoogenakker It was a Friday afternoon in this past November. We were sitting down having pizza in the company “War Room”. A young man came in, a new employee on the rise. One of the managers introduced us. He introduced me as [...]

A Free System to cut your work time in half and make clients happier! By Steve Hoogenakker As I was cleaning out emails from 2009, I noticed I had about 100 emails from 1 medium size CIC from this summers’ service. Wow, I thought, I didn’t realize we had that much back and forth communication, [...]

There comes a point in time in every leaders time when he or she is tired of

spearheading every initiative and dragging and cajoling the other members to help.

At that point, they look to take their board or company to another level

<p>Da Garden” If you have a personal garden, ‘tis the season to till it up. Consider doing a soil test yourself for best results. Here’s a little secret: Why does Miracle Grow grow 700 pound pumpkins? I know you don’t actually want a 700 pound pumpkin this fall, but if you want to give your [...]