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Teri’s dad, Don has a certain way around small kids. Whenever a toddler or baby was crying, no matter where we were, Don could take the baby up in his arms and within a matter of minutes, the baby was quiet and usually asleep. I asked Teri about it once because she had that same [...]

Anybody who knows me, knows I’ve been a little obsessed with Hummingbirds for years. They are amazing. They’re one of a kind. I’ve been working on a hummingbird logo for a long time. I was sharing some of this with my good friend Becky Thielsen and sent her a picture of my new logo that [...]

I’ve been blessed with a lot of emails and comments over the last few weeks for some reason. People who are going through struggles, or heroic caregivers must be some of the deepest, most painfully honest people I have ever known. As always, if these posts help you or can help others, please share. There’s [...]

This picture was taken a LONG time ago, but in a testament to family and friends, most of these people made it to the hospice from everywhere to see Teri off! As always, if these posts help you or can help others, please share. There’s never any ads and it’s the only way I know [...]

Fallin’ is a many splendored thing. I still remember the first time I saw Teri. She was in a room that spanned the mens/women’s dorms. She was sitting on the window sill with her feet on the heat register. In what is an impossible coincidence, the picture that Debbie sent with me jumping? I believe [...]

New: Please leave a comment below! You’re probably saying, there’s no way someone can link pregnancy with mangos and bananas. When you’ve been a caregiver for awhile, a single parent and a survivor, you can do damn near anything, so here goes, you can tell me if I pulled it off or not! When women [...]

Leave your comment below please Ok, this starts out pretty weird, well it ends that way too, so what the heck. 1.Teri had a mexican roommate at UMD named Laura. Teri only remembered one spanish word that Laura taught her, a word we laughed about every year or so. The word was “Ombligo” 2. Teri [...]

Please leave your comment below Disney came out with the Lion King when Kirsten was just 5 years old. One of the highlights of the movie was the idea of the “Circle of Life” With my satirical mind, I thought of it more like the Circle of Death. There’s a scene in there where all [...]

We welcome you to leave your comments and thoughts at the end of this post! First, I have to say, I literally laugh EVERY single time I see Lloyd Bridges in this shot from Airplane. I try to imagine if he was upside down when they took the pic, or if it was hair gel [...]

Don’t even care if anyone will ever see this, but I have to write this somewhere. I REALLY miss my girl as Christmas gets closer. I keep all of my posts professional, but can’t right now. There’s nobody to put up all the Christmas decorations, nobody to spend 10 hours putting up stuff that nobody [...]